Parish Council

Parish of Hempstead

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that a Meeting of Hempstead Parish Council will be held via Zoom video conference on Thursday 6th August 2020 July

Members of the public are very welcome to attend and can raise matters when the appropriate item is reached on the agenda, but cannot speak during the meeting. Please email the Clerk on parishclerkhempstead@gmail.com if you would like to join.

Rebecca Cox,
Parish Clerk

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Reports from District or County Councillors
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting held Thursday 2nd July 2020
  4. Matters Arising
     - not covered elsewhere
  5. Planning
     - Yeoman Cottage: UTT/20/1756/HHF. Demolition of existing stable block and one bay of existing garage and erection of detached residential annexe.
     - Bridge House: UTT/20/1378/HHF. Erection of first floor extension. AWAITING DECISION
     - Oak House: UTT/20/1383/HHF. Increase to height of existing wall/construction of fence. REFUSED
     - Brookmead: UTT/20/1117/HHF. APPROVED with conditions
     - Newlands: UTT/20/0813/FUL. New application for 3 bed, single storey house. WITHRAWN
     - Bramley Hollow: UTT/19/2082/OP. APPEAL AWAITING DECISION
     - Boytons Farmhouse: change of use to nursery enforcement.
  6. Neighbourhood Watch/Wellbeing
     - Update
  7. Correspondance
     - Letters written to residents at Wellyard regarding car parking.
  8. Highways and Rights of Way
  9.  - 40mph limit update. Footpath cutting.
  10. Environment
     - Update on required work on trees and railings.
  11. Communications
  12. Finance
     - Insurance. Update on AGAR
  13. Defibrilator
  14. Village Hall
     - Update on when reopening may occur.
  15. Emergency Plan

Future Meetings - TBC

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