Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 15th December 2011

15th December 2011

The Parish Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday December 15th at 8.00 pm.


Part Time:

  • Simon Howells (District Councillor)


Prior to the meeting proper District Councillor Simon Howell addressed the meeting and updating the council on progress in Uttlesford. The scheme to install solar panels on the council’s housing stock has had to be abandoned. The updated Local Development Plan was being discussed at cabinet level and details would be available on the Uttlesford website. Many councillors had written in protest concerning the reduction in policing in the Saffron Walden Area. There was still no news on the Hempstead Pedestrian Footway project.

The meeting proper began at 8.20pm

  1. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 17 November 2011

    were taken as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


    Salt Distribution
    few people had so far applied for salt bags. It was agreed that all requests should be made through the clerk who would make applicants aware of the manual handling and health and safety issues contained in the advice for participants. Applicants would only contact Mr Haylock to pick up the salt between 10am and 3pm weekdays.


    Councillor Walsh’s report
    had been received by all present. It was agreed there was little supportive comments regarding the footway project. It contained mostly developments at Essex County Council.

    The issue of the reduced hours that local police stations were to open was discussed and it was felt, that as many councillors had highlighted, it left the residents of the area feeling vulnerable. It was agreed that the clerk should write to W P C Bamford as there had been little visible changes to the policing patterns in Hempstead since her attendance at the last meeting with no apparent contact with the community, speed checks or support for the footway issue.

    Bus Route
    It was agreed to send a letter in support of Radwinter Parish Council’s letter urging an extension of the current bus route to include Audley End station.

    Open Space Survey
    It was agreed that Miss Frost had filled in this survey accurately but the subsequent report did not helpfully reflect the village hall facilities.


    Village Green
    The Clerk had sent off photographs, witness statements and more information to Essex Legal Services concerning the re-registration of the Village Green area.

  5. PLANS and OBJECTIVES 2012/13

    The council’s Plans and Objectives document was discussed and amendments were agreed to update it. Some already achieved items such as the War Memorial refurbishment and road re-surfacing were deleted. Monitoring of planning issues by David Haylock was added to acknowledge the work that he undertakes on these issues. Wording was changed on the Pedestrian Footway issue to reflect the stronger stance that the council intended to take on this issue. (Action Point: The Clerk would put the updated document on the website and noticeboard.)

    Queens Jubilee
    It was agreed that the village should organise events to celebrate this occasion during the weekend of 2/3 June and the bank holiday on Monday 4 June. It was hoped to organise a quiz as fundraiser. Ideas included a Strawberry Tea for senior citizens. A daytime event possibly including barbecue, games, bouncy castle, Punch and Judy and Maypole Dancing was also discussed as well as an evening event with more adult focus. It was agreed to try to set up a sub-committee to organise these events. It was also acknowledged that some funding may be necessary from parish council reserves.(Action Points: SM to highlight these proposals and ask for volunteers in the next newsletter. DF to be council representative on organising committee. Clerk to ensure this item appears on future agendas.)


    The following accounts were approved and a cheques signed:

    Martyn Long New minute book (previously agreed 13/10 Min. No 83) £80.32
    Julian Basham Grass Cutting £150.00

    It was agreed to discontinue membership of SLCC as much information was duplicated by other bodies

    Way-leave cheque had been received and it was agreed that this should now be passed to the village hall and a cheque was made out for the appropriate amount.

    (Action point: Clerk to make the appropriate authorities aware for future payments and adjust this year’s accounts accordingly)

    A transfer had been made between accounts to cover the ECC payment of £752 into the incorrect account.


    Village Footway
    No contact had been made with Essex Highways and the situation still seems stalled. The council expressed their extreme frustration and resolved to step up the pressure to try to stimulate some action.


    All P3 grants had now been received from Essex County Council. Miss Frost reported that she had downloaded the new P3 folder.


    The hedge beside the village hall is still yet to be trimmed.


    the only current issue was the retrospective application for a certificate of lawfulness concerning development on land adjacent to Clays. It decided not to send comments to the District Council.

Future meeting dates – Thursdays 12 January, 9 February and 15th March all at 8pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.55pm