Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Public Rights of Way

Hempstead has a magnificent network of public footpaths and bridleways on gently rolling hills making this ideal walking and riding country. Underfoot is predominantly clay with chalk. Most tracks are covered with grass which are mown twice a year, some through Essex County Council, some through PPP and some through local farmers. Some tracks have stone embedded in the top surface giving a solid surface and where there is no grass and the natural terrain is exposed, it is firm in dry spells and can be sticky when wet.

This is a particularly dry area though with the lowest rainfall of East Anglia and with an average of 550-600mm per year (22”-24”) we are officially classified as semi-arid. Hence the growth of arable crops in rotation of wheat, barley, field beans, and rapeseed oil.

Click the link below for an A3 black and white map of all our paths, we also have three suggested walking routes which are available on our walks page.