Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 17th March 2016

17th March 2016


Meeting at the Village Hall, Hempstead

Thursday 17 March 2016


Part Time:

Members of the Public:

  • Mr David Tupman

Prior to the meeting starting Mr Tupman addressed the Council concerning the planning application for a new dwelling adjacent to his boundary. He had previously supplied a report that he had commissioned to support his case.

The Chairman reminded him that the Council must concentrate strictly on the planning issues and only had power to make comments.

Mr Tupman explained that he had no objection per se to development of the space beside Whitegates, but the plans as submitted sited the new property unnecessarily near his boundary depriving him of privacy and light to one his windows.

The Council agreed with several of his points and said that they could not oppose the development but would comment on the proposed position of the new property.

Mr McCarthy thanked Mr Tupman for his attendance and he in turn thanked the Council. He then left the meeting.

The Parish Council meeting opened at 8.22 pm


    Mr Alan Weedon
    County Councillor Simon Walsh


    These were agreed as a true record.


    None not covered elsewhere.


    Whitegates: After further discussion the Council agreed that it had no objection to the construction of a new dwelling between Whitegates and Mulberry House.

    However they did have concerns about the size and position of the current proposal. The position proposed is too near to the boundary of Mulberry House and would significantly impinge on the privacy of the occupants. It would overlook their patio and the porch/entrance of the new property would look onto their side access. Additionally it would block the light to their side window which gives illumination to their stairs. The size of the proposed property is quite large and exacerbates the above problems. A single storey dwelling sited further away from the boundary would seem more suitable and alleviate these concerns. The Clerk agreed to pass these comments on to Uttlesford Planning Department.

    Spitlands: The Council had previously viewed the plans for a garden room and after discussion saw no reason for passing any comments.


    The council had no direct news of the progress of the project, though people outside the village have enquired about joining which may help achieving the financial target.


    Mr Vicary: Mr McCarthy had received an email from Mr Vicary complaining that the Agenda and Minutes had been late being posted on the board. The Chairman apologised acknowledging that this was the case due to an oversight by the clerk, though they had been posted on the website. However he refuted the suggestion by Mr Vicary that this occurred because the Parish Council is trying to avoid negative comments on a sensitive subject. None of the councillors present could think of what this might be. They also took issue with his further comment that they are ‘not working for the good of the village but for their own ends.’

    Mr Vicary remained unhappy with the Council’s performance.

    Simon Walsh report: had been circulated previously and was noted


    Footway The Chairman reported that people most affected by the incomplete footway were justifiably becoming frustrated and would like to put their case at the forthcoming Local Highways Panel meeting. The Clerk explained that he had arranged for the Chairman to speak at the meeting on Monday 4th April 6pm and it was unlikely that they would allow extra speakers. Nevertheless the council considered that the Clerk should contact the Chair of the Panel, Simon Walsh to ask if it was feasible.

    David Drane report The pothole at Bridgefoot in Radwinter was continuing to enlarge which did not inspire confidence in the technique being used.

    Many sections of railings on Anso Road had become unsightly often due to damage by large vehicles. Those opposite Prentices had been almost completely wrecked. Affinity Water had damaged those on Anso Road just past the last house where they had been working. Mr Drane agreed to chase up these and ongoing issues as well.


    Pond The clerk reported that he had delivered the cheque to the contractor who had promised to deliver the bench when the soil had settled down and been mowed. In reply to Miss Frost’s correspondence it was agreed that the bench would be securely anchored.

    The Council were unanimous that the contractor had done a good job and the area looked tidier and more manageable. The Chairman said that he would write and

    The Bluebell Inn Refurbishment was continuing and it was hoped that the lease negotiations would be soon completed.

    Maintenance Issues raised by Miss Frost at the last, namely notice boards, War Memorial mortar and the fountain base would be discussed at the next meeting. This would form part of a wider discussion on the Plans and Objectives renewal.


    It was agreed to remind people of the 101 number for non-urgent police matters via the newsletter.

    Mr Welbourn mentioned the issue of very noisy motorbikes which had become more frequent with the better weather. It was agreed that he should raise the matter with the local police.


    Cheques had been signed outside the meeting on Tuesday March 15 to enable them to clear the financial year end: J Fordham and Partners £4248 (£3540 +VAT £708) for the pond refurbishment and HMRC £37.44 for PAYE.

    Banking Arrangements Mr Sladen submitted his completed form to update the Banking Mandate.

    Mr McCarthy reported that the Gardeners Club was likely to be wound up for the time being, due to lack of support. There was a sum of money left though some had been allocated to Village Hall projects and Friends of Hempstead Church. There was a discussion whether it would be possible for the remaining sum to be held by the Parish Council pending a changed situation in the future. It was agreed that the Clerk should seek advice on the possibilities and implications.


    Mrs Scott reported that she was still looking into the use of Facebook as it was not as straightforward as originally believed.


    The Chairman reported that the Village Hall Management Committee has lost its current chair and as no replacement had been found the committee is operating with a ‘revolving chair’.


    The committee as reported at the last meeting are advancing plans for events on 9th to 12th June. Tickets were now available.


    Mr Sladen explained that there were three maps that would be added to the report as circulated when he had sorted out the format. He would be sending off the report to Lisa Lipscombe at Uttlesford.


    The Clerk reported that he had started the first draft of the Annual Report which would be circulated in the next few days. Notice of the meeting would be published in good time.

DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS – Thursdays April 28, May 19 and June 16 at 8pm in the Village Hall. Annual Parish Assembly: 8pm Friday 20th May

The meeting ended at 9.37 pm