Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 19th July 2007

19th July 2007

The Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday 19 July 2007 at 8.15pm



  • Mr S McCarthy – the Council wished him well for a speedy recovery

    Mr Haylock was nominated by Mr Sladen and seconded by Mr Thomas. Mr Haylock accepted.


    were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


    from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

    • Drinking Fountain
      Mr Haylock had spoken to the specialist in historic buildings based in Chelmsford who had advised that Listed Buildings Planning Approval might be needed. He is now awaiting further information from Paul Skeete. The cost of a consultant to come to site and provide an opinion was in the region of £250-500.– Action DH
    • PCC Meeting
      Mr Weedon has now received a lot of detailed information regarding the crypt and is working through it. Miss Frost said there was secretarial help available, as and when Mr Weedon may require it.– Action AW
    • PRoW Realignment
      The Clerk was asked to ask Margaret Grimster to report back from the meeting with Maggie Cox at the end of June and to chase Essex County Council if necessary.– Action CD
    • The Clerk was in the processing of obtaining information regarding the new powers available locally in respect of litter dropping.– Action CD

    Ms K Lynn, Bulls Bridge Farm requesting opinion on potential planning application for conversion of disused agricultural buildings to holiday lets; Clerk to reply in principal no objection but would need to appraise plans etc when planning application sought.– Action CD
    Cosytops Thermal Insulations Ltd email requesting parish magazine contact details about grant aided discounted prices in association with Uttlesford District Council (UDC), Clerk to forward to Miss Frost to investigate further– Action CD/DF
    Hempstead PCC A letter of thanks for the cheque for repair of the Church clock

    • North Area Panel – 19 July 2007 – apologies sent for Mr McCarthy
      The Clerk has now received a copy of the letter sent by John Starr, North Area Panel Champion, to Cllr Hume and Tony Ciaburro supporting Hempstead’s footway project. Mr Starr had also emailed two questionnaires seeking views on how North Area Panel meetings are structured and run and secondly regarding the Uttlesford Local Development Framework – Core Strategy. The Clerk was asked to forward these to Mr McCarthy for completion – Action CD/SM
    • Parish Liaison Meeting
      Mr Sladen is still trying to establish the date of the next meeting. – Action JS
    • West Essex Area Forum
      Miss Frost’s letter to Sophie Campion requesting an agenda point regarding our footway scheme is in hand – Action DF

    Mr Weedon had still been unable to contact Barry Stansfield (UDC) to establish who removed the garden rubbish at Wellyards. – Action AW

    Best Kept Village – Hempstead has won the Ruggles Brise Trophy in the 2007 competition. Congratulations to all involved in winning this prestigious award. Mr Weedon had added the brass plaque to the post of the village sign; and Mr Sladen and Mr Boreham had erected the BKV sign near the bus stop – thanks to them all. One suggestion for the use of the £150 prize money was to go towards obtaining a “trophy cabinet” of sorts. Further consideration needed.

    St Andrew’s churchyard won Best Kept Churchyard 2007 – congratulations to all responsible.


    Despite numerous requests for advice on the installation of goal posts, Mrs Midgley had been unable to find anyone to come out. The suggestion was made that the Sports Development Officer at UDC should be approached. A resident had contacted Mrs Midgley with a view to possibly donating some equipment for the village youngsters. This will be pursued.– Action AM

    Mr Haylock had discussed the possibility of goal posts on The Glebe with 2 of the other 3 Glebe Trustees but, while there is no objection as such, concern was raised with regard to the insurance aspect. One of these fellow trustees will investigate further and report back to Mr Haylock.– Action DH


    The Clerk had spoken to Mr Cockman, who was more than happy to review the finance records and accordingly the Clerk will provide the records within the next couple of weeks. – Action CD

    Comparable insurance renewal quotations had been received as follows: Aon – £660.70 and Zurich Municipal £626.82 (both including Insurance Premium Tax). The cover was discussed and the replacement values for the property covered were considered as accurate. However, the limit of Public Liability indemnity at £5million was queried. The Clerk was asked to confirm to Zurich that the Council would like to go ahead with renewal and to question if this limit should be raised to £10million. The cheque will need to be drawn before the next meeting so approval was given in principal, to be confirmed at the next meeting. – Action CD

    The following money had been paid in

    RCCE Best Kept Village First Prize Money £150.00

    There were no accounts to be paid


    Footway Ian Hurwood (ECC) had just provided an A3 size line plan. The Clerk was asked to obtain copies of this and distribute to each of the councillors. Discussion could then take place at the next meeting.– Action CD

    Kerbing at Ring of Trees Clerk to chase Mike Felgate (ECC) for completion of this kerbing.– Action CD

    At Coach Road triangle Clerk to write to Viceroy toward the end of August to ask that the school bus does not run over triangle.– Action CD

    Speed limit extensions Mr Thomas reported this was still ongoing.

    VASI Signs Mr Thomas reported this was still in hand.

    Access to Harvey Way Mr Thomas awaiting a date for a site visit by Mike Felgate.

    Mr Weedon had contacted both UDC and ECC to ask for the “Welcome to Braintree District” to be moved to the correct position on the B1054 – action still awaited.

    The Clerk to contact Mr Felgate regarding the road distortion near Little Orchard.– Action CD

    It was noted that Coach Road was being resurfaced – Mr Haylock will check with ECC that this was the correct road to be done.– Action DH


    Miss Frost reported that she had yet to receive a reply from Robin Wallbank, ECC, regarding the incomplete cutting program. She had also asked Cllr Simon Walsh if she could be involved in any group discussions/feedback sessions to ensure the poor performances of 2006 and 2007 are not repeated in 2008.– Action DF

    A meeting of Lisa Cross (P3), Miss Frost, Sue Halstead and possibly Robin Wallbank has been arranged for 25 July to discuss work required on the parish’s footpaths.– Action DF


    Website Miss Frost and Helen Philip had extensively reviewed the website and enhanced it accordingly. There are a number of new contributors and tabs and the overall impression is of a great improvement. A header had been added to the home page reporting the winning of the Best Kept Village 2007 competition and Miss Frost will shortly write a complete article for inclusion.– Action DF

    Newsletter nothing to report.


    Mr Sladen had arranged a meeting with Phil Hunt, District Engineer, UDC and a man from the Environment Agency (EA) on 25 July to assess what action can be taken to prevent future flooding of properties in the village – from which a full written report will be requested from the EA. Mr Sladen had also reviewed the field and road drains along part of the B1054 and had asked Mike Felgate to come and check that all drains on both sides of the road were clear and functioning in the best way. Again a written report of his findings has been requested.– Action JS


    nothing to report.


    Mr Sladen reported that the insurance brokers had queried if Trustee Indemnity was required and following discussion it was felt this was not needed.– Action JS


    Nothing to report.

The dates of the next meetings are Thursday 16 August and Wednesday 12 September 2007 (Amended date).

The meeting closed at 10pm.