Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 2nd September 2008

2nd September 2008

The Council met in the Village Hall on Tuesday 2 September 2008 at 8pm.


Also Present:



    were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


    from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

    there were none.


    Review of the NALC conference not found – carried forward. – Action CD
    EALC email received re BT consultation on payphone removal – Clerk to establish if Hempstead payphone threatened, criteria for “Sponsor a Kiosk” and to maintain contact. (Miss Frost requested that if retained needs to be repainted etc.) – Action CD
    Essex Heritage Trust invitation to Annual Meeting on 18 September – Mr Haylock to attend. – Action DH

    • North Uttlesford Community Forum
      next meeting 4 September – Clerk to chase agenda etc. – Action CD
    • Parish Liaison Meeting
      no meeting since last report.
    • West Essex Area Forum
      next meeting 11 September.

    Ben Smeeden, UDC Tree Officer, was due this week to review the pollarding and management of the beeches around the Glebe with Mr Haylock, who will also discuss with him the leaf browning of 4/5 trees in the Ring of Trees. (Mr Haylock believed this to be leaf miner, which was not thought to be too serious.) – Action DH


    The following accounts were approved for payment and cheques drawn up:

    J Basham Grass Cutting for August £180.00
    Nigel Smith Newsletter/Diary printing 07/08 £248.05
    Ashfields Ground Mngmt Ltd Second cut £1,194.15
    Zurich Insurance Co 2008/09 additional premium £38.00

    Mr Sladen had been able to review the insurance policy together with the risk assessment schedule and believes all risks to be adequately covered, if applicable. The Chairman will sign a copy at the next meeting fully approving this position. The Clerk was asked to contact Zurich with regard to volunteer liability. – Action JS


    Mr McCarthy spoke to Ian Hurwood regarding the footway along the B1054 – plans are being drawn up and then Mr McCarthy would attend a meeting with the surveyors to iron out any minor problems before full publication.

    Mr Thomas had been unable to contact Mr Stoneham due to holidays but will pursue, with regard to the access to Harvey Way for larger vehicles. – Action AT

    Community Speed Watch programme – Clerk to pursue funding possibilities. – Action CD

    PC Dawn Bamford had reported a police speed check had taken place at 9.40am on a weekday morning with 2 warnings being issued. Further checks would be carried out nearer to “rush hour” in the near future.

    The drainage in the vicinity of Wash Cottage has been reviewed and it was felt that the location of the property was such that it would always be at flood risk – the need to carry out flood proofing to the property was felt to be the only course of action.


    Following a very poor response to the questionnaire, it was suggested that Ms Phillips brings to the next meeting some quotes for goal posts for The Glebe or whatever else she feels may be worth considering. – Action SP


    • Re-alignment scheme
      Mr Haylock had no further information with regard to the costs and believed that finalisation of the realignment was imminent. Once the realignment had been signed off as approved, a sub-committee of Mr McCarthy, Miss Frost and Mr Haylock would liaise to arrange a map for the Glebe, leaflets, walk date etc. The Clerk was asked to provide a cost summary so far and try to obtain from Maggie Cox any further costs due, so that final decisions on who pays what can be established. (Mr McCarthy and Mr Haylock expressed an interest.) – Action CD
    • P3/Footpath cutting
      The second cut by the contractors had been completed with one small exception – Miss Frost liaising accordingly. Miss Frost will now submit a reclaim to P3.

    • Drinking Fountain
      Mr Haylock had written and thanked Essex Heritage Trust for the grant and requested the blue plaque to be sent as soon as possible to allow it to be incorporated. Work due to commence in October. – Action DH
    • Village Sign
      Miss Frost had received a report from Woodturners of Baldock which was discussed. It was felt that possibly better capping on the end grain would help and moving the sign to a sunnier location – this will be reconsidered again in 2009. The Clerk was asked to write and thank both AV Engineering and Woodturners of Baldock. – Action CD
    • Backdrop to War Memorial
      Following considerable discussion of the various options of felling the trees (Lawson Cypress) and subsequent replacement IT WAS DECIDED that the trees should be felled to ground level, evergreen hedge planted in the gaps between the remaining stumps (suggestion – a small leaved hedging plant such as euonymus), the dead saplings on the opposite bank of the stream to be removed and possibly two indigenous trees planted to the south-west. Miss Frost will report this decision back to the Hempstead & District Gardeners Club who will oversee this project. – Action ALL

    Website – fully up to date with show reports etc

    Newsletter – next newsletter deadline 20 September.


    In view of the onset of the wetter weather, Mr Haylock would chase Phil Hunt with regard to the progress of the clearance of the stream and liaise with Mr Felgate, West Area Highways, ECC for a road drain by the parking area of Firs Cottage to be installed, both as a matter of urgency. – Action DH


    The Joint Parish Councils Steering Group have commissioned further work on Sir Alan Haselhurst’s “Option 5” to meet the Regional Spatial Strategy for new homes in the district. The suggestion is that over the next 15 years there is a 15% increase on the number of properties within each village at 2007 – meaning 25 for Hempstead. Following discussion, the Clerk was asked to reply that the Parish Council did not support this idea without infrastructure being included in the planning and approval. As we had previously stated, Hempstead could possibly absorb 10 new properties, providing the land could be found, but infrastructure within the district was already struggling and was the crux of the matter. – Action CD

    Installation of solar panels was discussed and Miss Frost advised that providing the depth of the panels did not exceed 6 inches there was no need for planning approval.


    Mr Sladen had investigated further the information about solar and geothermal projects for heating of the village hall. The village hall would not be able to apply for grant money but a community group would need to be set up to do this. However, it was felt that the carbon footprint of the village hall was very small and the expense of setting up either option was excessive. IT WAS DECIDED at this time that no further action was needed.


    The Government have moved the public enquiry into BAA application for a second runway to March 2009. Stop Stansted Expansion are urging all who have not made their views known to UDC to do so by the deadline of 26 September.

    Future meeting dates Tuesday 30 September (altered), Thursday 30 October and Thursday 11 December 2008

    The meeting closed at 9.50pm.