Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 30th October 2008

30th October 2008

The Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday 30 October 2008 at 8.00pm


Also Present:


  • Ms Sally Phillips
  • Cllr Simon Walsh, County Councillor

      were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


      from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

      the Clerk had received a reply from Ashdon Parish Council regarding the Neighbour Action Panel. It was noted that Ambo had been awarded Best Community Magazine in Essex at the Essex Life Community Magazine Awards 2008 organised by the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) in partnership with Essex Life magazine and the Diocese of Chelmsford. The Clerk was asked to write a letter of congratulations to Sue Collins (Editor) and her team. – Action CD


      Essex County Council invite to Seminar to Reduce Crime on Buses – 19 November
      Uttlesford District Council invite to Chairman’s Civic Carol Service – 10 December
      Rural Housing Trust Open House, Leaden Roding – 14 November
      Essex County Council invite to Passenger Transport Reps Meeting – 13 November
      Stansted Airport Comm Trust closing date for next round of applications – 31 January
      Uttlesford CAB AGM and 25th Anniversary celebrations – 10 November
      Uttlesford District Council Dog Control Order signs received for Glebe and churchyard – Action AW

      • North Uttlesford Community Forum
        no meeting since last report
      • Parish Planning Workshop
        next meeting 19 November (previously Parish Liaison Meeting)
      • West Essex Area Forum
        no meeting since last report

      Mr Haylock reported that Ben Smeeden, UDC Tree Officer, had reviewed the Ring of Trees and was not unduly worried.

    6. FINANCE

      The Clerk presented the council with an Interim Finance Report Against Budget for review. The Audit Report had been received back from the External Auditor duly signed off and was presently displayed on the notice board as required. The Clerk was asked to draw up the budget for 2009/2010 for review at the next meeting.

      Approval of the full council was given for the following payment since the previous meeting:

      Uttlesford District Council Balance of costs re PRoW Realignment £7.40

      The following accounts were approved for payment and a cheques drawn up:

      J Basham Grass Cutting £180.00
      Chas Johnson Tree felling at War Memorial £200.00
      C Dittrich Clerk’s expenses £20.00
      Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Remembrance Service Wreath £20.00
      S McCarthy Refreshments after Village Clear Up Day £44.75

      The Chairman signed the risk assessment following Mr Sladen’s review. The Clerk was asked to contact Zurich with regard to volunteer liability, with particular regard to Clean Up Days. The level of ‘standard expenses’ paid to the Clerk was reviewed and IT WAS AGREED to increase this to £100 per quarter for the final two quarters in the year. – Action CD


      Mr McCarthy reported that Ian Hurwood, ECC, had completed the survey of the B1054 along the route of the proposed footway and was now in the process of applying for funds to cover the cost of the land transfer, after consultation with the landowners.

      Mr Thomas was still trying to contact Mr Stoneham (ECC), with regard to the access to Harvey Way for larger vehicles, 30mph zone extension, white gates and other outstanding issues – he will send a stronger request for a response with a copy to David Forkin, West Area Highways Manager, ECC. – Action AT

      The extension of the 30mph zone had been completed in the week commencing 27 October.


      there was nothing to report


      • Re-alignment scheme
        The division of the remaining balance of £800 between the relevant landowners was confirmed and the Clerk will draw up invoices to cover this amount. – Action CD

        The official date of the changes is 22 October and all the paths are now marked up. Mr McCarthy thanked all concerned for their hard work and the Clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks to Mrs Margaret Grimster. (Mr McCarthy and Mr Haylock expressed an interest.) – Action CD

        Miss Frost and Mr Sladen had had a meeting with Charlotte Fellingham (P3) and it transpires that there are two issues to be considered with regard to the relaunch – firstly the map board on The Glebe. This would not happen quickly as the completion of the definitive map would take some time and then the board would have to be made up etc – a year at the earliest. The second issue was the production of leaflets showing either the whole footpath layout and/or suggested walks within the village together with points of interest etc. Charlotte Fellingham provided a number of examples of leaflets and indicated that P3 would be able to provide 50% of the funding for this exercise. However, she did point out that there were a number of copyright issues that needed to be addressed and provided some notes about this which would be circulated to all for review before the next meeting. Following discussion on the type of leaflets needed, Mr Sladen was asked to contact Ms Fellingham about how we could access an A3 map of the area and Mr Haylock would contact Maggie Cox at Uttlesford and Andrew Reynolds about how we can obtain access to a footpath map of the area. – Action ALL/JS/DH

      • P3/Footpath cutting
        The Clerk confirmed that ECC were to remit the P3 grant in the week commencing 3 November.

      • Drinking Fountain
        Mr Haylock had managed to secure a Community Initiative Fund grant and was in the process of preparing a press release for ECC about the maintenance projects in the centre of the village and would arrange a date for them to come and take a photograph. Mr McCarthy congratulated Mr Haylock on obtaining this money. – Action DH
      • Backdrop to War Memorial
        The trees behind the War Memorial had been felled and with the clearing of the stream on Clean Up Day, the area looks considerably better. The Gardeners Club have taken delivery of the hedging plants and a meeting on Saturday morning is arranged to establish the exact detail of how the bed will be made up and the planting take place.
      • Village Sign
        Miss Frost was awaiting a quote for recapping the sign.

      Website – nothing to report

      Newsletter – next newsletter deadline 20 November.


      Work on installing the road drain by the parking area of Firs Cottage was due to start in the week commencing 3 November. Mr Haylock had spoken to Phil Hunt (UDC) who advised that he had visited the relevant residents along the stream to review progress of clearance work etc and he felt that there was considerable improvement to the flowing of the stream. However, a representative of the Environment Agency had been unable to attend with Mr Hunt and Mr Haylock had asked that that visit be carried out to obtain an independent opinion. Mr Haylock will continue to monitor. – Action DH

    13. PLANNING

      There was nothing to report.


      Annual General Meeting held on 13 October 2008 reported a £700 profit as predicted.


      Mr Weedon reported that applications had been submitted for change of use of land in respect of the second runway.

      Future meeting dates – Thursday 11 December 2008, Thursday 8 January 2009 and Thursday 5 February 2009.

      The meeting closed at 9.45pm.