Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 3rd April 2008

3rd April 2008

The Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday 3 April 2008 at 8pm


Also Present


  • Cllr Sue Schneider, District Councillor

    were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


    from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

    • Drinking Fountain
      Mr Haylock reported that further quotes were still outstanding.– Action DH
    • Duck Pond on Church Hill
      Mr Haylock confirmed he had spoken to the office of Ben Smeedon to advise of the pollarding of the willows at the back of the war memorial.
    • Miss Frost had submitted the Best Kept Village application before 31 March 2008.

    Sir Alan Haselhurst MP details of meeting on 13 April with request for possible indication of development levels within the village – Clerk to reply – Action CD
    Uttlesford District Council Information re meeting on Adult Social Care in the future – 14 April – Action AW
    UDC 2008/09 Community Project Grant application forms – Action DH/JS
    ECC Request for works for Planned Parish Visit – Action SM/DH

    • North Area Panel
      no meeting since last report.
    • Parish Liaison Meeting
      Mr Sladen attended meeting on 26 March – John Mitchell, Head of Panning at UDC reported the submission by BAA for the second runway and then delivered a presentation on planning criteria – a PowerPoint document of this was due to be sent to the Clerk and Mr Sladen asked that this be forwarded to the Council in due course. – Action CD
    • West Essex Area Forum
      no meeting since last report – next meeting 15 April.

    Mr Weedon had reviewed the information received regarding the changes to airspace from Terminal Control North and reported that the changes would make little or no difference to Hempstead. He would continue to monitor the situation. – Action AW

    The installation of the posts and railings around the war memorial and along the kerb opposite were virtually completed – one bolt connecting the chain to one post was outstanding. Mr Weedon to ensure the works were fully completed.


    Approval of the full council was given for the following invoice paid since the previous meeting:

    R Mercer Supply & fit posts and chain £898.87

    Full consideration was given to the 2008/09 budget. The approximate excess of income for 2007/08 was due to the problems with uncompleted PRoW work which were under discussion with ECC – see minute number 10 for further detail. IT WAS DECIDED that the budget, with the minor amendments discussed, should be adopted. The Clerk will distribute a final copy. – Action CD

    Review of the draft Risk Management Schedule was to be undertaken by Mr Sladen. – Action JS

    Forms received from the bank to incorporate Ms Phillips on the mandate were signed – Clerk to forward to bank once Ms Phillips had completed identity checks required by the bank. – Action SP/CD


    Mr Thomas would chase Mr Stoneham, ECC Highways for the outstanding “Beware of Wildlife” signs and the repair of the slipways on Anso Road. – Action AT


    a full review was undertaken and the Clerk was asked to distribute a revised schedule. Inclusion of a few new objectives was agreed, such as risk management schedule review and refurbishment of the village sign. – Action CD


    Ms Phillips had spoken to Simon Fenn, Area Youth Worker ECC, regarding the Youth Bus (a mobile bus which visits villages across the district providing an opportunity for 11-15 year olds to receive information and guidance, socialise etc. It is equipped with an X-Box, drinks’ dispenser, seating areas and DVD players). The bus currently visits Radwinter and it was felt that to come to Hempstead as well was not necessary. However, the attendance at Radwinter was not high and Ms Phillips did suggest that maybe alternating Radwinter and Hempstead might be an option. She would continue to talk to Simon Fenn and update council as appropriate. – Action SP

    Ms Phillips had also drafted a questionnaire aimed at young people in the village which would be emailed to the councillors for review and comment. The questionnaire asked for suggestions and realistic ideas together with a suggestion of coming to meet some of the councillors to talk about their ideas. Asking the youngsters to assist in fund raising was thought to be a good idea as well. – Action SP


    Miss Frost reported on several activities regarding footpaths:

    • Re-alignment scheme
      Advertising will not take place until the plans have a final vetting by Mr Haylock with Maggie Cox on Monday 14 April. Susan Halsted has also been discussing a further amendment and this and any other queries must be resolved before advertising takes place. Miss Frost has written to Susan Halsted to confirm this point. All information to be fed back to Mr Haylock before 14 April. – Action DH
    • P3
      Miss Frost has contacted two contractors regarding clearance work and stile repairs on a number of paths in the centre of the village. One price has been received at £2,950 and a second is awaited. Miss Frost to ask P3 if they will contribute £1500. (Post meeting note: – £1,550 secured). – Action DF

      Miss Frost met with Charlotte Fellingham, the new P3 officer, and gave her a briefing on the re-alignment scheme, clearance works above and our P3 submission for 2008/09. Miss Frost had also spoken to Robin Wallbank, who will instruct a survey to be done on footbridges on FPs 23, 25 + 65 for repairs.

    • Cutting Programme
      Robin Wallbank suggested that the entire 2008/09 cutting programme for Hempstead should be done through P3 and that he could put more money into the P3 budget for Hempstead for this purpose. Miss Frost informed Charlotte Fellingham of this recommendation and will obtain a cost from the County’s contractor who undertook last year’s programme to establish if this could realistically be afforded. – Action DF

    Website – a history had been received from the daughter of the late Reginald Black, who had lived and worked in Hempstead between 1957 and 1984. Miss Frost was currently reviewing this with a view to including it on the website. It provides a very interesting view of farming at that time.

    Newsletter – next newsletter deadline 20 April.


    Phil Hunt, District Engineer UDC had written to the relevant residents to ask for an update on the works carried out since the flooding in June 2007. Mr Haylock had requested further sandbags from UDC but due to staffing issues he was asked to contact them again in the near future. – Action DH


    There were no matters to discuss.


    Mr Sladen reported that quotes were being obtained for the cleaning and fire proofing of the curtains. Mr McCarthy would contact Mr Moody to ensure that this was still needed for licensing purposes. – Action JS


    there was nothing to report.

All future meeting to commence at 8pm unless otherwise noted.
The dates of the next meetings are Thursday 1 May, Friday 16 May – Annual Parish Meeting, Thursday 12 June 2008 and Tuesday 8 July.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.