Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 4th October 2016

4th October 2016


Tuesday 4th October 2016 in the Village Hall


Part Time:

Members of the Public:

  • Mrs Anita Rogers

Prior to the meeting Mrs Rogers informed the Council of some the background to the planning application for a house at Anso Corner Farm. In reply to concerns about the usage by the mower repair business, she re-assured the council that development would not take place until the end of the current lease for this business. The Chairman thanked her for her explanations and she left the meeting.

The Parish Council meeting opened at 8.37 pm


    Mr John Sladen


    were agreed as a correct record.


    There were none not covered elsewhere.


    The application for a house at Anso Corner Farm was discussed and in light of the earlier discussion with Mrs Rogers it was not deemed necessary to pass on comments to Uttlesford Planning Department.


    Two items had been received, website details for the new recycling arrangements and the emergency number 105 for electricity supply issues.

    It was agreed that these should be passed onto Miss Frost for circulation.


    Footway There was no definite news on this, though there were indications that work might start in the new year.

    Mr. Drane reported that he was still chasing repairs to roads, footbridges and also to roadside railings with little success so far. Frustratingly there had been no replies on any of these issues.

    Speed Limits Mr Welbourn continued to pursue the issue of speed limits with Essex County Council. They had been some indications that they might be willing to put in a 40mph limit from the current 30mph limit to Boytons Lane. All other limits that had been put forward as possible schemes would not be considered. This was disappointing as other villages had limits in place in similar areas. Mr Welbourn would maintain the dialogue with Essex.


    Harvey Way Mr. Welbourn had spoken to the Enforcement Team at Uttlesford concerning heaps of rubbish. Unfortunately, they could not act without very specific details of time and place which it would be difficult to supply retrospectively. However, the hedge had been cut thanks to Mr Drane’s request.

    Ditch Clearance adjacent to Post Office Cottage It had been agreed at the previous Parish Council meeting, but omitted from the minutes, that this ditch that runs alongside this Parish Council owned land should be cleared out. Its overflow has been contributing to flooding on the road during heavy rain. It runs alongside Parish Council owned land so it is the responsibility of the Parish Council to obtain a quote and carry out this work.

    A quote had been obtained from Third Planet Garden Services who agreed to do the work for £200. The Chairman declared an interest and took no part in the subsequent discussion or voting. The quote was unanimously agreed and the clerk would contact them to carry out the work as soon as possible.

    Flooding Mr Sladen, reported in an email that he had no further news from Chris Stoneham but would be endeavouring to contact him. Also he had cleared out the whole length of ditches along Anso Road where it joins with Free Roberts drainage system and he is awaiting for David Davies to confirm that he has checked and cleared his stretch.

    Columbus Cottage hedge had been cut and Mr McCarthy had thanked the Haylocks for their prompt action.

    Mrs McNeill confirmed that she would attend the flood project meeting on Thursday 6th October.


    Cheques were signed as follows:-

    £37.44 to HMRC: PAYE for October
    £120 to PKF Littlejohn: Audit fees
    £300 to J Basham: Grass cutting

    Banking Arrangements All councillors had received and read the Application Form and Terms and Conditions for the Unity Trust bank account. It was agreed unanimously that Hempstead Parish Council would change its banking arrangements to Unity Trust from Barclays. The only absent councillor, Mr Sladen, had confirmed by email that he was in agreement with this change. He would sign the necessary forms at a later date. The rest of the councillors and clerk signed the appropriate application, mandates and authorised user forms.

    The Council would now be able to use internet banking. The clerk would submit payments and these would be authorised by two other councillors before payment. This will ensure there is no greater risk than with the current cheque system. All payments would be reported to the next council meeting if they were already agreed in principle in the budget. New expenditure not specifically covered by the budget would be agreed at a Council meeting before submission.

    It was also agreed that the Village Hall account held by the Parish Council should be transferred to the Village Hall Management Committee. The Clerk agreed to liaise with Claire Dittrich, their treasurer, on the transfer.

    The Clerk explained that the Council’s Financial regulations would have to be updated.


    The Council discussed advice received from the National Association of Local Councils concerning how public participation should be handled. The Council always welcomes participation and access to the meeting is actively encouraged. However, if a meeting is adjourned or suspended then the re-start constitutes a new meeting for which separate notice and agenda should be supplied.

    Public contributions should therefore be taken from ‘within’ the meeting with the appropriate agenda item and reported as such in the minutes. It was agreed to comply with this advice henceforth.

FUTURE MEETINGS – November 17, December 12 and January 12 at 8pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting ended at 9.05 pm