Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 6th March 2008

6th March 2008

The Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday 6 March 2008 at 8pm


Also Present

  • Cllr Sue Schneider, District Councillor
  • John Cockman, Internal Auditor


Before the meeting opened, Cllr Sue Schneider reported on recent events at Uttlesford District Council (UDC) including the forthcoming meeting of the Administration Group who will be reviewing area panels and the functions of the scrutiny committee. She reported that John Mitchell had been appointed Interim Chief Executive and that grants had been obtained to pay for professional help in administration of the council. Cllr Schnieder gave details of a 6.6% increase in council house rents, increase in car parking fees across the district and that the responsibility for stray dogs had been moved from the police to UDC. There being no questions from the councillors, Cllr Schneider left the meeting.

The Chairman then asked John Cockman to lead a discussion on the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations that had been prepared for adoption by the Council. Various items were clarified and minor changes were made. The Chairman then thanked Mr Cockman for providing a clear and detailed explanation of the need for these documents and Mr Cockman left the meeting.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 9.55pm.


    were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


    from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

    • Drinking Fountain
      Mr Haylock had received one quote so far for the work need on the drinking fountain for £2,900 plus VAT – two other quotes were expected shortly.– Action DH
    • Mr Haylock confirmed he had spoken to the office of Ben Smeedon to advise of the pollarding of the willows at the back of the war memorial.
    • Information on the proposed changes to airspace from Terminal Control North had been circulated prior to the meeting. Mr Weedon was asked to look at the position in relation to Hempstead and provide a full report at the next meeting.– Action AW
    • Miss Frost queried receipt of the proposals for the duck pond – Clerk to chase– Action CD
    • Mr McCarthy gave a brief report on recent meetings in respect of the footpath realignment. All issues had now been resolved and corrected plans were now in possession of UDC. It was anticipated that these would be advertised shortly and that the project would be completed by September. An inaugural walk planned for September/October to showcase these paths will be planned by Mr Alan Goffee, Head of Uttlesford Ramblers.
    • Miss Frost reported no further news on the 2008 cutting programme. However, she briefly discussed the grant application needed to be submitted to P3 by 31 March. She will finalise meterage with Mr Haylock to be able to finalise and submit this application.– Action DF/DH
    • Miss Frost asked that Mr McCarthy review the Best Kept Village application in order that it is submitted by 31 March 2008.– Action SM

    Stop Stansted Expansion offer of presentation re opposition to second runway – declined
    EALC notice of Legal Topic Notes republished and on-line
    Sir Alan Haselhurst MP email reminder for representative details for 13 March Development Meeting – Ms Phillips will attend – Clerk to forward time and location details to her.– Action SP/CD

    Following the explanations and discussions regarding the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations IT WAS DECIDED that, following inclusion of the minor amendments, these should be adopted.– Action CD

    Full review of the budget was carried forward to the next meeting, although Miss Frost did ask that £50 be included for the purchase of a memory stick for backing up website data.– Action CD

    Further to minute 157, the repayment of the bank error has been made.

    Approval of the full council was given for the following invoice paid since the previous meeting due to terms for payment of 14 days:

    Uttlesford District Council May 2007 Election Expenses £86.39

    The following accounts were approved for payment and cheques drawn up:

    A Thomas P3 reimbursement £30.00
    D Haylock P3 reimbursement £1,175.00
    C Dittrich Clerk’s Expenses £32.88
    Stop Stansted Expansion Donation £50.00


    carried forward


    There were no matters to discuss.

The dates of the next meetings are (8pm) Thursday 3 April, (8.15pm) Thursday 1 May, (8pm) Friday 16 May – Annual Parish Meeting and (8pm) Thursday 12 June 2008.

The meeting closed at 10.25pm.