Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 7th August 2008

7th August 2008

The Council met in the Village Hall on Thursday 7 August 2008 at 8pm


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Before the meeting opened, the council met Mr Norman Shires of A.V. Engineering Services at the village sign to discuss various options for the sign’s restoration, preservation etc. Mr Shires will discuss the matter further with his colleague, who is particularly knowledgeable about wood, but agreed that sandblasting the sign might be a good idea. He suggested laser copying, rather than moulding, which could be done now and retained for use at a later date. He would liaise with Miss Frost with regard to further advice and costings..


    were taken as read and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.


    from previous Minutes, not dealt with in the main agenda.

    there were none.


    ECC Rail Seminar invitation – 3 October 2008
    Review of the NALC conference still in circulation – carried forward – Action CD
    Essex Environment Trust article with picture of Hempstead Village Hall – project grants available – still in circulation – carried forward – Action CD
    Mr McCarthy had received a letter from a resident of Harvey Way, complaining that the Parish Council were not doing enough to ensure a regular collection of rubbish. This issue was later discussed under ‘Environment’ (Minute number 70).

    • North Area Panel
      no meeting since last report.
    • Parish Liaison Meeting
      no meeting since last report.
    • West Essex Area Forum
      no meeting since last report.

    Mr McCarthy had received a number of complaints regarding the non-collection of bins from the houses on Harvey Way. Following conversations and phone calls with the Environmental Services Department at UDC, Mr McCarthy received assurances that the instruction for collection from Harvey Way every Friday was logged into the computer. This happened one week and then Harvey Way was missed again. Eventually, the Parish Council made contact with Mr Ron Pridham, Waste Collection Manager, who stated that access to Harvey Way by the large collection truck was impossible following the erection of the bollards along the kerb. However, he later agreed that the small vehicle will continue to collect from Harvey Way while the issue of access by larger vehicles is resolved with the Highways Department. Mr Thomas was asked to liaise with Mr Stoneham as a matter of urgency. – Action AT

    Mr Haylock had asked Ben Smeeden, UDC Tree Officer, to review the pollarding and management of the beeches around the Glebe. Mr Haylock will also discuss with him the leaf browning of 4/5 trees in the Ring of Trees. – Action DH


    The following receipt which was paid into the Business Premium Account:

    P3 Interim grant £2,846.30

    The Council agreed that the Clerk arrange for further payments from P3 to be sent direct to this account. Renewal premium had been received from Zurich but the increase in the value of the Water Pump to £5,000 and the addition of the Posts and Chains at the bottom of Church Hill (£900) had not been included. Zurich will send out further paperwork to include this change and estimate that the additional premium for the year will be in the region of £25. They requested that the renewal be paid immediately.

    The following accounts were approved for payment and cheques drawn up:

    J Basham Grass Cutting for July £180.00
    UALC 2008/09 subscription £25.00
    Zurich Insurance Co 2008/09 premium £641.16
    Saffron Walden Museum Donation* £50.00
    C Dittrich Clerk’s expenses £23.76
    Hempstead PC Transfer to Saffron Building Society £1,000.00

    * Mr Haylock declared an interest and was not involved in this approval.

    Further investigation work with regard to the PAYE scheme was ongoing. The bank mandate changes were being dealt with by Barclays. – Action CD

    Risk assessment to be reviewed at the next meeting. – Action JS


    Mr McCarthy to obtain update from Ian Hurwood regarding the footway along the B1054. – Action SM

    Adam Pipe of the Community Speed Watch programme had replied to the Clerk saying that there was still a waiting list. He intended to carry out a review of the 60 communities currently involved, with a view to having the equipment returned from those who have not been active. Funding was still being sought with the average cost of all equipment being around £1,000. Cllr Simon Walsh has suggested a newly launched initiative which the Parish Council might be able to tap into for this funding. The Clerk to continue to pursue this avenue. – Action CD

    The Clerk to chase PC Dawn Bamford for a police speed check as promised. – Action CD

    Mr Thomas to obtain update on extension of 30mph speed restriction zones. – Action AT


    In the absence of Ms Phillips this matter is carried forward.


    • Re-alignment scheme
      Further discussion regarding the residents bordering the newly realigned footpaths ensued and Miss Frost will liaise with them as necessary. Mr Haylock had tried to contact Maggie Cox but she was away until next week, however, it was believed that the one official complaint had been resolved. Mr Haylock was asked to obtain a finalisation date from Maggie Cox together with final costs. The current spend over and above the grant received will be recovered from the relevant landowners – details to be agreed in due course once the final costs were known. (Mr McCarthy and Mr Haylock expressed an interest.) – Action DF/DH
    • P3/Footpath cutting
      As noted at minute 71, the payment of the grant from P3 had been received. The second cut by the contractors was due to take place 9-11 August – Mr Haylock confirmed the second cut for which he was responsible had been completed. Miss Frost had contacted the clerk at Great Bardfield with information re P3 as requested.

    • Drinking Fountain
      Mr Haylock had received notification of the award of the grant of £1,200 from Essex Heritage Trust – they had asked that a plaque be incorporated and Mr Haylock was asked to obtain this as soon as possible to ensure it could be built in as appropriate. They also requested some photos and an article when completed, which Mr Haylock agreed to complete. Mr McCarthy congratulated Mr Haylock on obtaining this money. – Action DH
    • Village Sign
      see note of pre-meeting visit from AV Engineering Services. – Action DF
    • Backdrop to War Memorial
      The Clerk had requested written approval for the felling of the 5 leylandii at the back of the War Memorial (post meeting note – approval received). Miss Frost had obtained a quote of £200 for felling the trees but had been advised that it would not be possible to grind out the stumps due to the proximity of the stream. Mr Haylock asked that further consideration be given to exactly what actions should be taken in respect of enhancing the War Memorial. As such, all the Parish Councillors were asked to review the area before the next meeting, when the matter will be discussed further. – Action ALL

    Website – fully up to date with show reports etc

    Newsletter – next newsletter deadline 20 August.


    Mr Haylock reported that Phil Hunt would review the progress of the clearance of the stream within a week. Mr Haylock to liaise with Mr Felgate, West Area Highways, ECC for a road drain by the parking area of Firs Cottage to be installed, preferably before the winter rains set in. – Action DH


    UTT/1214/08/FUL – Newlands, Howe Lane – still in circulation but all those present at the meeting had seen the conservatory proposals and raised no objection.


    Miss Frost had provided Mr Sladen with information about solar and geothermal projects for heating of the village hall. Following review, Mr Sladen thought that the geothermal project was the most suitable. He will put the information forward to the management committee for consideration. The need for a “trophy” board was also discussed.


    There was nothing to report.

    Future meeting dates are Tuesday 2 September, Thursday 2 October and Thursday 30 October 2008

    The meeting closed at 9.55pm.