Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 7th August 2014

7th August 2014

Thursday August 7 2014 8pm Village Hall

Part Time:


The Chairman welcomed Mr Hamerston who said that he just come to observe.

Mr Weedon informed the council, that sadly Mrs Gill Rudder, a former Chairman of the Parish Council had died. The Council observed a short silence as a mark of respect.

The Parish Council meeting was opened at 8.03 pm.


    held Thursday June 5 2014 were agreed as a correct record.


    There were none, not covered elsewhere.


    An Uttlesford Enforcement Planning Officer had attended the Hempstead Hall site and was satisfied that the Barn was not being set up as an office as far as could be seen. The road access issue was being correctly addressed through the County Highways department.


    A letter of complaint
    – concerning the lack of reply to correspondence had been followed up with a complaint registered by the clerk on the Essex County website. There was still no reply to either. It was decided that the clerk should write to County Councillor Simon Walsh to ask if he could attend the next Parish Council Meeting even if it meant altering the date as they wished to raise these issues.

    – were offered to Alan Weedon who had organised the entry to the Best Kept Village contest, as a merit award had been achieved. It was agreed that the council should look at the marking criteria more carefully for next year’s entry.

    Gypsy and Traveller Sites
    – The county assessment of needs had been completed and showed a low level of need in the Uttlesford area. Uttlesford District Council would now formulate their response.

    Cheque received
    – A cheque for the New Home Bonus Grant for £666.66 had been received from Simon Howell. The Council expressed their thanks.


    Pedestrian Footway
    It was planned that some members of the Council and Safety Committee would attend the next Highways Panel Meeting early in September as no news of a start date was in evidence.

    As this issue had raised so much local comment residents had been asked to cooperate by keeping hedges trimmed back from the road and footpaths. Some had complied but it was agreed to send individual letters to the worst offenders. It was also noted that the foliage growth at Long Corner Cottage was causing concern.

    Mr. David Drane
    reported that some important repairs had now been done. The Harvey Way potholes had been fixed as had the area by High Banks. Areas in Wimbish and Radwinter End had also been worked upon. The Radwinter to Ashdon road was still in a bad state of repair and some recently filled potholes, such as Anso Road had re-appeared.


    Pond and Fountain Area
    John Jossaume was on holiday and it was hoped to resume progress when he returned.

    Mr Sladen had a meeting to discuss the regular flooding at Wash Cottage with Mr D Chapman, Watercourse Regulation Engineer. He agreed that as it had occurred three times, action should be instigated. A number of measures were discussed such as the clearing of gullies, asking farmers to plough across fields if possible rather than up and down, the clearing of the open ditch on the opposite side of the road where silt had built up.
    Mr Sladen had also raised the issue of flooding at the bottom of Church Hill and this would be taken up with Highways.
    Anso Road flooding was also discussed and it emerged the Local Council was responsible for flooding and the Highways Rangers could be used. It was also emphasised that all floods should be reported and Mr Sladen agreed to co-ordinate the reporting.

    Emergency Action
    It was agreed that, after the recent incident at Wellyard, the formal policy of Emergency action should be to consult on trees with Ben Smeedham, the Uttlesford Tree Warden if the location was within the Conservation Area, unless the danger was very immediate. Outside the Conservation Area after appropriate consultation the situation should be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Village Approach
    Miss Frost raised the issue of the poor visibility of signage and lack of definite start to the village when approaching from the Steeple Bumpstead direction. The trees and hedges gave the impression of a continuation of the rural highway rather than a built up area. I was agreed that cutting back the hedges on each side may help and the landowners should be approached.

    Telephone Kiosk
    It was agreed that the clerk should contact BT to ask them to refurbish the kiosk which was now unsightly.


    Cheques were signed outside the meeting
    July 3; Julian Basham Grass cutting £600, Chas Johnson cutting Wellyard Tree £150, Subscription to Campaign to Protect Rural England £36, Subscription to Rural Community Council of Essex £48, Sage Payroll Services £10.64, HMRC PAYE for July. On July 19: B. Wright Pond Survey £100, Harry Luff Footpath Cutting £292.04, Julian Basham Grass Cutting £300

    Cheques signed in the meeting
    Unipar Services Speed Gun Service £145.20, Community Action Suffolk Insurance £456.27, Sage Payroll £6, HMRC PAYE August £36.80.
    It was decided to discontinue membership to Uttlesford Association of Local councils as it did not present value for money.

    Un-presented cheque
    The payee had been contacted and he relinquished his claim to the payment. A letter was signed to cancel the cheque at the bank.

    Financial Regulations
    The revised financial regulations were agreed

    Grant to Village Hall Management Committee
    It was agreed to make a grant to the Village Hall for the following: Contribution towards the felling of the Sycamore and Ash trees in or adjacent to the car park: £400. To clearing the left hand side of the Glebe: £450. A cheque was approved and signed for £850.


    Miss Frost had received a complaint about bridges with broken planks in the direction of Holbrook Wood and she had ascertained that they were in fact in Cambridgeshire.


    The working group had met with Ulrika Maccariello and John Lefevre of Hastoe Housing to discuss possible sites that could be put forward to Uttlesford. The working party were concerned that Hastoe were still working on a list that contained sites not put forward by land owners. Mr McCarthy would write to Mrs Grobrorz to emphasise the wastefulness if this approach.


    The Website and Newsletter continue to run smoothly. Brian Kitchen was working on a manual that would cover the workings of the website.

DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS – Thursday September 4, October 30 and November 27 all at 8pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.50 pm