Hempstead in Essex
Resting place of William Harvey and Sir Eliab Harvey and birthplace of Dick Turpin

Parish Council Minutes 9th February 2017

9th February 2017


Thursday 9 February 2017 in the Village Hall


Part Time:

Members of the Public:

  • Mrs Vicary

The meeting started at 8.03 pm


    Mrs Nicola McNeill
    Mrs Sara Scott
    Mr Mark Welbourn


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  3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING held Thursday January 12, 2017

    These were agreed to be an accurate account of the meeting and signed


    Not covered elsewhere. There were none.


    Footway – Mrs Vicary addressed the meeting expressing her dissatisfaction with the condition of the roads and the difficulties vehicles had in passing through the village. The two local routes had been used by unsuitable vehicles and had badly damaged the roads with potholes and damage to the verges. She said that the signage was poor and less effective than the previous road closure. There were many instances of signs being ignored and bad driving, including tail-gating and inconsiderate use of passing spaces.

    The Council were in agreement and had received many similar complaints and reports of lorries becoming stuck. They had asked that the signage be adequate before work started and had complained many times throughout the project with little result. They would be contacting Essex Highways to ask them to repair the damage.

    Mrs Vicary also said that the minutes on the website mentioned that the minutes of December 2016 spoke of using £1000 for an opening celebration she thought this wholly inappropriate and a poor use of the Councils money. This had been due to a clerical error that was recognised before approval. It should have read £100. The minutes had been amended on the agreed and signed copy of the minutes, but not corrected on the website copy. They also agreed with her suggestion that the website copy should be marked ‘Draft’ in future until agreed by the council.

    The celebration opening of the footway: After discussion this was now planned for April 8 at 11am. Mr Drane agreed to update the invitation for the Clerk to send out to the guests as previously identified.

    Road Safety Schemes – It was agreed following Mr Welbourn’s email, that the clerk should write to the Local Highways Panel as sufficient clarification had never been received concerning the road safety schemes. The Council would like to encourage progress on the parts of the schemes that do seem to have gained some measure of support. However they still fall short of the approaches that are needed for Anser Road and Bramley Hollow areas.


    Chalkstones – The Council discussed this application for alterations to the building enlarging it and surrounding it with a large paved area. The Council agreed that they had no problem with the size of the footprint of the building, but considered that it was too tall and out of character with the area. Additionally, the large paved area could have detrimental effect on the drainage potential of the area. It was agreed that the Clerk should pass these comments to Uttlesford Planning Department.

    Westridge – The Council noted the submission of this planning application for the demolition of an existing conservatory and the building of a more substantial extension. It was agreed that this would improve the property and no comments needed to be made to Uttlesford planning department.

    Batchelors Meadow – (The Clerk declared an interest in this item and offered to leave, but the Chairman asked him to remain to take notes but take no part in the discussion.) The application was for the conversion of a concrete barn into a dwelling house. The council agreed that, as with the barn conversions at Ruses’ Farm, there were no comments needed to be passed on to UDC planning as there were no perceivable adverse effects of the development.


    Flooding – Mr Sladen reported that some survey work had been carried out whilst the road was closed with the footway construction and the results were awaited. Further survey work may be possible.

    Tree Survey – The felling of the trees at Wellyard is still not finalised as more information was awaited from Chas Johnson. It is hoped to complete this soon to ensure the safety of the area.


    Banking Arrangements – Barclays had still failed to close the three accounts held by the Parish Council. The Clerk reported that he had raised an official complaint and hopefully this may speed up the process.


    Mrs Mc Neill had reported by email that work was progressing on updating the information on the website, particularly the clubs and societies. Most had updated but she awaited responses from one or two.


    It had been agreed at a recent meeting that the planned playground equipment would occupy an area in the top left hand corner of The Glebe. The area would be approximately 20 metres square. There would be an opportunity for residents to inspect the plans on Saturday 25th February prior to the children’s disco.

    The AGM of the Village Hall would be held on Thursday 9th March

FUTURE MEETINGS – Thursdays: March 23 and April 20 and May 18 in the Village Hall at 8pm. The Annual Village Assembly would be on Friday 19th May at 8pm.

The meeting ended at 9.40